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Incorporating Structured Settlements Into Your Practice
Posted by: Susan Clark on Jan 25, 2017

As a successful attorney, you are keenly aware that planning is a key to success. Also critical to succeeding in a competitive market, is distinction. How do you compare to your peers? Do you offer services that others do not? Do you offer stellar customer service? Or do you market to niche clientele? If you are an attorney, looking at how to routinely exceed your clients' expectations, then you must learn how working with a structured settlement consultant can add value to and even grow your practice.

Giving Back This Holiday Season: Millennium Angel Foundation
Posted by: Ericka Henderson on Dec 21, 2016

This time of the year is an opportunity to give back and support friends, families and those in need. Attorneys, financial professionals, and structured settlement consultants alike, have the unique opportunity to engage with many individuals who have been faced with life altering events such as catastrophic injury or loss. Each day attorneys set out to serve their clients and stand for justice within the legal system. Through the Millennium Angel Foundation ("MAF"), attorneys can extend this cause and collectively help individuals get through these unfortunate situations.

Year-End Financial Planning: Useful Tips to Elevate Your Financial Position
Posted by: Susan Clark on Nov 15, 2016

With the holiday season moving fast upon us-visiting friends and family, planning and attending holiday parties; and at work, wrapping up cases and all of the final paperwork that it entails--it is easy to procrastinate or simply forget about year-end financial planning. Year after year, articles appear in December issues of periodicals and online journals about important steps to take by December 31st in order to elevate your overall financial situation. Consistently appearing in the top four steps is to utilize products to defer income and taxation-such as investing in 529K plans if you have children, opening a ROTH IRA account or contributing to other retirement plans.

$55M Recovery, Historical Class Action, Fee Structure
Posted by: Susan Clark on May 10, 2016

In 2003, the City of San Diego announced its plan to close the De Anza Cove Mobile Home Park. Nobody could have predicted that three lawsuits and more than twelve years of litigation, would ensue. San Diego’s Tatro & Zamoyski, LLP, served as lead counsel for the De Anza Cove cases and ultimately obtained a $32 million class action verdict, followed by a nearly $20 million class settlement, and a $3.6 million tort settlement, on behalf of the De Anza Cove Homeowners Association (HOA).

LIFE After Exoneration: The Landscape of Structured Settlements and how the Wrongly Convicted Deal with Life After Exoneration
Posted by: Ericka Henderson on Feb 15, 2016

From the popular Netflix series, "Making a Murderer" or the Sundance TV series "Rectify" to newspaper headlines from across the country, stories about innocent people wrongly convicted of a crime and spending decades in a jail cell capture our hearts and imagination. Most of the documentaries focus on how the people were convicted for crimes they did not commit-the series of events leading up to their conviction. But what happens when they are finally exonerated and free to live what remains of their lives?


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