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Why Plaintiffs in Discrimination Lawsuits Should Consider Tax Deferral Solutions
Posted by: Susan Clark on Sep 25, 2017

As attorneys settle more lawsuits each year on behalf of their clients for various types of discrimination they should consider how the resulting settlement awards will financially impact their clients.  Considering the financial and, maybe more importantly, tax impact of the settlement award for the client is a smart and responsible proactive approach for attorneys-- and an approach which will have the clients thanking their attorneys in future years through new referrals.

The Diverse & Evolving Landscape of Structured Settlements
Posted by: Susan Clark on Aug 28, 2017

Personal injury attorneys and claims adjusters have long been familiar with structured settlements and the spendthrift  protection they provide to injured parties through guaranteed periodic payments designed to meet their future medical and financial needs.   Structured settlements, traditionally funded by commercial annuities, thrived for decades relatively unchanged.  But, one could argue that the 2008 economic downturn, which resulted in persistent low-interest rates, became the catalyst for the structured settlement industry to create an exciting variety of programs for attorneys and claimants that now offer increased flexibility and greater options for risk and return.  

Car Buyers Beware
Posted by: Susan Clark on Jun 30, 2017

It is the season of the summer sale with the 4th of July right around the corner.  With so many “great deals” on new cars, it’s hard to resist the snappy slogans on TV beckoning buyers for a test drive—especially when this particular driver has over 130,000 miles on her car and a new sound knocking by her tires at every turn of the wheel.  But consumers need to be aware of the many recalls that have plagued the auto industry in recent years. 

Setting the Record Straight
Posted by: Susan Clark on May 18, 2017

The scenario is common: you're either up late, unable to sleep or home sick and are flipping through the channels of late night TV or daytime drama and you hear the now familiar operatic jingle, "I want my money and I want it now".  Before you flip to the next the channel, you think "What are they singing about anyway?"    

Tax Reform: What Will it Mean for Structured Settlements?
Posted by: Susan Clark on Mar 25, 2017

On March 7th, the National Structured Settlement Trade Association industry leaders converged on Washington D.C. in an effort to meet with Congressional members of the Ways and Means Committee and other key ranking U.S. Representatives in a concerted effort to discuss the importance of our structured settlement industry and why our two main Tax Codes should not be in the "special interest pile" when tax reform occurs. Three Millennium Consultants and two Integrated Financial Settlements (IFS) representatives (parent-company of Millennium) participated in this event; along with many of the NSSTA Board members, and life insurance company representatives. 

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