Susan Gleason
Settlement Consultant

Dallas, TX
Phone: (469) 644-5747
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Susan Gleason


Susan Gleason joined Millennium Settlements in 2014 as a settlement consultant with over 30 years experience.  She brings expertise, understanding, and compassion to injured victims. You can rely on her to do the right thing for you and your clients, and will make sure the settlement process flows as smoothly as possible. She has helped thousands of people make difficult decisions during a very difficult time in their lives.  She is a proud supporter of the DTLA and TTLA.


"I have worked with Susan Gleason of Millennium Settlements on 2 matters in the last year. Her level of client service and prompt responsiveness is above any I have ever experienced. Susan is always available to answer my questions, usually on short notice. Her team was an extremely valuable resource for both me and my clients. They helped us maneuver through difficult circumstances in both cases. I would give my unqualified recommendation to Susan Gleason and Millennium."

- Randy Sullivan, Randy Sullivan P.C.

"Susan and I met the day of my court hearing for the judge to approve my son’s settlement. She was very friendly and informative regarding our settlement. I am very thankful that she is our settlement planner. Susan is very organized she always has an answer to my questions and it is never hard to get ahold of her. The most important thing I love about her is that she knows me and my family well. She remembers our names and other information regarding our settlement without having to look in our file. I think it is very important for a settlement planner to know her clients."

- Angela Gomez

"My office (including me) was just commenting on how spoiled we are by being able to work with y’all. I just wanted to pass along the compliment on a Monday morning."

- Kimberly J. Munson, The Law Offices of Kimberly J. Munson, PLLC

"Your assistance has solidified for Sammie that her college education is not only a dream but an attainable goal that she is going to achieve!!! It took careful planning on your part for her to have the correct amount of money per semester and the timing!!! Thank You!!!"

- Sabrina Jacobs

"I first met Susan in 2007. I was in an accident and suffered severe burns over 60% of my body. The attorney that settled my claims for me introduced me to Susan. I immediately felt comfortable with her. She has daughters and she was so kind to me and wanted to help me like I was her own. She helped us set up my annuity plans, which is something that greatly affects my future. Susan was absolutely wonderful throughout the entire process. Several years past and I have decided to reside in Colorado and I was purchasing a home. I contacted Susan to find out how to change my info on my annuities. She, of course, led me through the proper channels. Even though she works for a different company than when I originally met her, she is still there for me to guide me. Susan Gleason is not only a superb business woman, but a wonderful person who truly cares about her clients! I am blessed to have her on my side!"

- Haley Avery

"Susan- You are so sweet and so kind. Thank You very much for staying with us and helping us walk through this process. You truly have a gift for helping people!"

- Robert and Tina

I would like to thank Susan Gleason for such a great job she has done for me on trying to get my daughters  annuity she has coming. Susan has gone out of her way since  April helping me to get this resolved, which was due May 5th of this year. She is still working even after hour's trying to help me out. Susan you are the sweetest lady & I cannot  thank you enough for your hard & dedicated work that you go all out to do. Thank you so so much. Wish they were more out there like you.

- Gary Cannon


Susan Gleason and Bill Uchereck (Juneau, Boll, Stacy & Ucherek) - Dallas Trial Lawyers & Tarrant County Trial Lawyers Golf Tournament




Millennium Angel Foundation

Susan Gleason is a proud board member of the Millennium Angel Foundation. The Millennium Angel Foundation consists of structured settlement industry professionals and supporting organizations committed to raising funds to be allocated to individuals with extraordinary needs. Its exclusively charitable purpose is to assist injury victims pre-settlement to help them pay for more basic needs prior to them reaching their settlement. 100% of the contributions go to benefit the grant recipients. Learn more about the Millennium Angel Foundation here.

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