About Millennium

Our Mission & Vision

Mission: Millennium Settlement Consulting® is a leading provider of structured settlements for its clients by offering the most comprehensive advisory services and financial products in the industry—all designed to best serve claimants, including loved ones and caretakers, by meeting their unique needs and concerns.

Vision: Millennium Settlement Consulting® is unique in the industry, designed to meet the varying needs of each client through an innovative settlement planning approach that brings results. Our structured settlement consultants offer the most comprehensive advisory services and innovative financial programs in the industry. Through our extensive case preparation and litigation support services, we customize the design of each settlement plan to work specifically in the best interest of our clients and their families, ensuring protection of their financial futures. With Millennium, our clients can plan more, control more, and expect more…for life!

Our Service Standards

Millennium Settlements is dedicated to remaining on the cutting edge of needs-based settlement planning. Our service standards ensure our position as the benchmark of quality in the structured settlement industry.

In order to best serve our clients' needs, Millennium Consultants are available for consultation at all stages of negotiation. It is critical that clients have direct access to their settlement planner throughout the process and Millennium’s professionals are only a toll-free phone call or email away.

Comprehensive Services
Millennium Settlements provides the highest level of customer service in the industry. Our Consultants offer a full-range of financial services to satisfy the long-term interests and goals of the client.

Professional Aptitude
Our strict standards for quality, professional service cover every aspect of our dedication to the client. From initial interview and consultation, through settlement negotiation and finalizing a financial plan for the client, Millennium’s professionals will provide its clients with the highest caliber settlement planning in the industry.

Leading the way by offering the most comprehensive advisory services and innovative financial products in the industry

Our History

In 1984, Millennium Settlements, Inc. opened its doors with the goal of becoming an industry leader in the very specialized field of Personal Injury Settlement Design Consulting.  Today, Millennium continues to lead the way by offering the most comprehensive advisory services and financial products in the industry, all designed to best serve injured claimants, including loved ones and caretakers, by meeting their unique needs and concerns.

Millennium has corporate offices in Tallahassee, FL, Austin, TX and San Diego, CA and consultant offices throughout the United States.  We are proud to offer our clients the highest level of service available in the industry. Our goal remains the same - to lead the industry by serving injured plaintiffs, their families and their legal representatives better, and more comprehensively, than anyone else can.  Our “needs based” approach to settlement design planning helps ensure that our clients are provided with customized plans that best meet their unique financial and emotional needs.

National Structured Settlements Trade Association
Millennium Settlements is a member of the National Structured Settlements Trade Association (NSSTA), further assuring you of currently informed professional service relevant to the industry.  Chris Diamantis, CEO of Millennium, is a Past President of the NSSTA.

Facts and Figures – The Industry Leader
Millennium is a wholly owned subsidiary of Integrated Financial Settlements, Inc. (IFS).  IFS owns four structured settlement companies that underwrite a combined $2 billion in annual structured settlement annuities, the largest amount in the industry. Millennium also has key affiliations within, but not limited to, the banking, brokerage, mortgage and trust industries.  Those affiliations enable us to enhance our planning and implementation expertise with important, innovative products and services unique to the industry.  We believe we are positioned perfectly to assist our clients and their legal representatives, far superior to any other single or group provider of products and services in the industry.

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