From Millennium Settlements Clients

"Whether you are looking for professional guidance with structured settlements, financial planning, qualified settlement funds, lien resolution, special needs trusts, or attorney fee structures, Millennium Settlements is the leading authority on these settlement related matters. Their team of skilled consultants and corporate staff is extremely knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend them to my clients and colleagues."
Chet W. Kern
Edelman & Edelman
New York, NY

"Millennium and Counsel Financial are delivering real value to NATLE member associations through sponsorship with TrialSmith. Their financial support and commitment have helped us tremendously, allowing us to keep your dues as low as possible while still offering first-class services and education. They help us to do much more than just keep the lights on."
Kathy Wilson, CAE, Executive Director
National Association of Trial Lawyer Executives
Tallahassee, FL

"Let's face it: life is unpredictable.  That's why when it comes to securing a client's financial future, structured settlements, as part of a comprehensive financial plan, can bring a client the security they need for the long haul.  Clients can rest assured their assets are being handled in an ethical, secure and tax- advantaged manner, all while having their fiscal needs and desires met.  Millennium Settlements is there to ensure even the most modest of settlements are funded so the recipients have the financial protection they require and can look forward to a secure economic future."
John Romano, Esquire,
The Romano Law Group
West Palm Beach, FL

"The attainment of a settlement for our clients is only truly meaningful if the client makes prudent use of the proceeds. We've all seen clients waste away most, if not all, of their settlements in a very short period of time. Oftentimes, those funds were intended to take care of them for the rest of their lives. Millennium's advisors always do such a thorough job of explaining all aspects of the structured settlement process and educating our clients along the way about the need for careful management of their assets. Millennium's advisors are more technologically advanced than others in the industry, which helps to streamline the entire process. They are ardent supporters of the plaintiff bar community, and we consider them an integral part of our team."
Brian Panish, Esquire
Panish, Shea & Boyle, LLP
Los Angeles, CA

"With Millennium at our side, we are in control of the negotiation and can use their products to leverage the settlement to our clients advantage. With an extraordinary commitment and exceptional qualifications, Millennium's financial specialists served as an invaluable resource on my legal team."
Donald M. Hinkle, Esq.
Hinkle & Foran, P.A.
Tallahassee, FL

"We have used Millennium's Annuity Settlement Expert, Chris Diamantis, in the mediation and settlement of some of the largest cases in Florida. Millennium has been a positive force in facilitating settlement amongst all parties. Millennium has aggressively searched for the best annuities and rated ages and has been very creative in structuring them in the most desirable fashion for all parties. There is an increased element of confidence by the plaintiff when the annuity expert has been selected by the plaintiffs rather than the defendants. The defendants are usually sophisticated enough to know that Millennium's job is to find the best paying annuity for the given premium and thus are benefiting all parties to the desired settlement.

Millennium has been excellent on their follow-up to the minutest detail with our clients following the settlement, so that the implementation and administration of annuity payments proceed smoothly and without a hitch."
Christian D. Searcy, Esquire
Searcy Denney Scarola Barnhart & Shipley, P.A.
West Palm Beach, FL

"Our firm dedicates itself to representing people who have either been seriously injured or killed in devastating accidents. We understand that families can be ruined, both physically and financially, when such a tragic hand is dealt to a loved-one. We see Millennium Settlements as our indispensable partner in attempting to maximize recoveries for all of our valued clients. We utilize Millennium Settlements and its expert staff in every claim, whether relatively large or relatively small, in which a structured form of settlement could benefit our client and their family. Quite simply, Millennium Settlements assists our firm in looking out for all of our clients' futures. Millennium Settlements searches far and wide for the highest yield annuity rates available with well-known, stable annuity companies that guarantee our client's annuity payments for life. Millennium Settlements assists us and our clients with setting up annuity payment plans that are custom tailored to fit each clients' individual financial needs. When assisting our firm in looking out for our clients' futures, Millennium Settlements leaves nothing to chance."
Jason B. Goldman, Esquire
Goldman, Tiseo & Sturges P.A.
Port Charlotte, FL


From Industry Professionals


Disability advocates and America’s most reputable plaintiff attorneys speak out about structured settlements*:

“Structured settlements are a model benefit for people with disabilities because there is no financial disincentive for a person who chooses to go back to work.”
Andrew J. Imparato
President, American Association of People with Disabilities

“For years, structured settlements have offered great benefit and financial security to injury victims, surviving spouses and children involved in tort cases.”
Philip Corboy, Esq.
Trial attorney and former chairman, American Bar Association Committee on Medical Professional Liability

“A creative structured settlement consultant can put together a package that will give the injured person some flexibility and access to money when they need it, but also preserve that money over many years.”
Fayrell Furr, Esq.
President, Southern Trial Lawyers Association (2005-2006)

“Structured settlements are an effective tool to provide financial security, which most families desperately need after a serious accident or death.”
Nancy Starnes
Vice President, National Organization on Disability

“Structured settlements have been adopted by Congress and state legislatures to assure people who need long-term medical and other support will get it.”
Robert Hunter
Director of Insurance, Consumer Federation of America

“Ask yourself: What if you had invested your settlement in Enron? Or a ‘dot-com”’company? The money for your medical and rehabilitation costs, not to mention your child’s education, would be gone forever. A structured settlement is a good solution.”
Maria Diamond
Past president, Washington State Trial Lawyers Association

“Structured settlements are a benefit that I have recommended to clients as one of the best ways to guarantee financial security and independence.”
William Garmer, Esq.
Board of Governors, Association of Trial Lawyers of America

“Structured settlements ensure that victims have enough funds to not only pay their bills today, but also in the future. I am one of those victims whose life needed to be put back together.”
Hon. James Langevin
Member of Congress & structured settlement beneficiary

“A structured settlement allows a family to focus on recovery with the knowledge that their settlement will be there to help them through the years to come. That’s why I have been comfortable recommending structured settlements for more than 10 years.”
Donna Davis, Esq.
Past President, Tennessee Trial Lawyers Association

“The structured settlement has proven so effective at keeping seriously injured and disabled Americans off public assistance that [in 1997], Congress amended the tax code to allow for increased use of structured settlements in workers compensation cases.”
William Robinson, Esq.
Past President, Kentucky Bar Association

* The statements in this section are courtesy of the National Structured Settlement Trade Association and are not an endorsement of any particular structured settlement firm

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