Attorneys, Clients and Structured Settlements

Structured settlements are a powerful financial planning tool and are the cornerstone of most financial settlement plans. However, all too often, the injured party’s first experience with structured settlements is when one is offered by the defendant instead of his or her own trusted advisor. Plaintiff counsel can retain his or her own settlement planner with Millennium Settlements at no cost to advise on this important financial transaction. We receive compensation for our services directly from the life insurance company whose product(s) we offer; it does not come from the claimant’s money nor does plaintiff counsel compensate us for our expert advice.

Your Millennium consultant will work directly with you and the claimant to design the plan and help select a highly rated life insurance company or companies with whom the structured settlement will be placed. Allow the defendant to bring his or her own structured settlement consultant to the table, but insist that your consultant will work directly with the claimant to create the final plan. The injured party, together with his or her own advisor, family or guardian and plaintiff counsel should make the decision on the most important financial transaction of his or her life. With the recent developments in legal malpractice liability for plaintiff counsel concerning structured settlements and public assistance, it is imperative to employ your own advisor to educate your client about structured settlements and other financial options as well as public benefit preservation using a Special Needs Trust. Failing to offer a structured settlement or preserve public benefits can have disastrous consequences for the plaintiff and ultimately result in a malpractice suit against plaintiff counsel.

Retaining a Millennium Settlements consultant satisfies counsel’s obligation to advise the client concerning his or her option to do a structured settlement and preserve public benefits. But, it does more than that. Each individual we work with will be offered an array of financial options, including, but not limited to, structured settlements, professionally managed accounts and Special Needs Trusts, if appropriate. Your clients will be thankful for your guidance and you can be comfortable knowing the best consultants in the industry represent your clients.

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