Doug Gartz
Settlement Consultant

5668 FishHawk Crossing Blvd., Suite 334
Lithia, FL 33547
Phone: 786-239-5700
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A graduate from the University of Central Florida, and currently living in Jupiter, Florida, Doug has worked exclusively in the legal industry since 2011. Having worked closely with attorneys and plaintiffs, Doug understands the importance and responsibility of creating a tailored settlement distribution based upon the client’s individual needs. In addition to helping plaintiffs better plan for their financial future, Doug also provides many unique solutions for attorneys, providing them with many tax-deferred options for their contingency fees. Doug is compassionate, caring and knowledgeable regarding the many nuances involved in the settlement process. He will be a value-added advocate and will go the extra mile for all his clients.

Doug is an active member of the National Structured Settlement Trade Association (NSSTA).

Structured Settlement Services include:

  • Customized Settlement Plan based on a Financial Needs Analysis
  • Annuity Cost Evaluations
  • Mediation Attendance
  • Present Value Calculations
  • Life Care Plan Analysis
  • Special Needs Trust and Pooled Trust Advisement
  • Medicare Set Asides
  • Qualified Settlement Funds (QSFs)
  • Complete Document Preparation & Review
  • Attorney Fee Structuring
  • Non-Qualified Structured Settlements


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