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Posted by: Marjorie Smith on Dec 3, 2018

Not all attorneys are aware of all of their structured settlement options at the time of a mediation, which means they may attend the negotiation with the assumption that if they or their client wants to structure funds, then those details can simply be determined later.  Such an assumption may have been valid during the days when an annuity was the only structured settlement solution. Now, both attorneys and claimants have access to market-based structured settlements and fixed-indexed annuities, along with the traditional structured settlement annuity. Each of these options provides for either tax-free or tax-deferred growth.

Posted by: Lori Marcus on Nov 5, 2018

The commonly heard phrase, “don’t put all of your eggs in one basket,” is a well-regarded investment principle. Diversification reduces risk, so why not apply this reasoning when structuring your settlement? The concept of “open architecture,” or the ability to obtain varying products from a single source, is now an option within the structured settlement space. This is because structured settlements have evolved to include  alternative, non-traditional solutions--providing a turnkey settlement solution for the industry. 


Posted by: Marjorie Smith on Oct 22, 2018

It used to be that structured settlements were something that only minors or financially vulnerable people used. Now, with the availability of fixed-indexed annuities, market-based programs, and the traditional annuity, every plaintiff can take advantage of the opportunity to receive tax-free (physical injury cases) or tax-deferred (non-physical injury cases) income via a structured settlement. 

Posted by: Natalie Yasumine on Sep 16, 2018

Often claimants and attorneys are mistakenly led to believe that there’s only one option for structuring a settlement—monthly payments over a certain number of years. However, structured settlements aren’t as structured as they sound. You can design the timing and frequency of your payments to meet your specific needs (or those of the person you’ve chosen to benefit from the structured settlement). 

Posted by: Kyle Bollman on Sep 3, 2018

Structured settlements are very important and they offer much-needed protection, security, and peace of mind for over 30,000 settlement recipients annually. How is the Structured Settlements industry evolving today? Structured settlements are going through an invigorating evolutionary process at present.  As a result, the industry should grow from $5.5 billion per year to $10 billion or more over the next 3-5 years. To get there, we must look at the current economic environment.

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