Structured Settlements

Structured settlements are a proven way for an injured party to accept compensation in a physical injury case and allow the claimant to better secure their financial future. Structured settlements are a powerful tool that provides financial freedom from worry. Millennium Settlements has been providing structured settlements services to personal injury victims for over 30 years.

What is a Structured Settlement?

A structured settlement is a voluntary agreement reached between an injured party and the defendant under which the plaintiff/claimant receives compensation for an injury. Structured settlement annuities allow you to receive a stream of guaranteed, tax-free payments designed to meet your specific needs. With a structured settlement annuity, the injured party does not receive compensation for his or her injuries in one lump sum. Rather, he or she receives a stream of guaranteed, tax-free payments tailored to meet future medical expenses and basic living needs. The structured settlement annuity is a part of the overall financial plan that we develop based on each client's unique personal and financial needs.

Physical Injury Settlements

Physical injury settlements can be designed in such a way to place a portion of the proceeds of the structured settlement into a 100% tax-free annuity. Annuities are placed with the most highly rated life insurance companies available and provide unparalleled security for your clients.

Non-physical Injury Settlements

Non-physical injury settlements are taxable to your clients, creating another set of financial challenges. After the costs of litigation, attorney fees and taxes are paid, there is often little left for the claimant. The Millennium solution to defer tax obligations into future years through a structured settlement ensures your clients will have money left over to return to the life they want to lead.

Benefits of a Structured Settlement

  • The full amount of the damage payment(s) is tax-free, exempt from federal and state income taxes under 104(a) of the IRS codes.
  • The injured party receives compensation when needed as determined at the time of the settlement.
  • The claimant receives payments from two of the safest investments available—life insurance company annuities and U.S. Treasuries.

Our Structured Settlements Offer:

Financial security – Your money is invested in life insurance company annuities and U.S. Treasuries, which are two of the safest investments available.

Peace of mind – Your payments are guaranteed to arrive on time.

Attractive returns – Federal law guarantees that your entire payment stream is exempt from federal and state income taxes.

Freedom – Your guaranteed tax-free income allows you and your family to focus on pulling your lives back together after a tragic accident or wrongful death.

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